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About us

India, one of the world's oldest known civilization, has been known for ages for its rich, vibrant, colorful and diverse forms of performing and visual arts. The Kalaparva envisions to celebrate these aesthetic and elaborate expressive forms of beauty, gamut of human emotions, traditions and syncretic ideologies of the country.

This collaborative eZine, aims to bring together a community of artistes and art connoisseurs keen to promote India's rich treasure trove of performing and visual arts. It is a platform for all the art enthusiasts to dwell into the latest in the art world, participate in discussions and pen their thoughts. All in all this is an endeavor to celebrate the various arts and numerous artists - the ones that have for long defined the cultural pluralism of the country.

As a platform for Indian artists, art connoisseurs and the uninitiated, the eZine intends to
  • Serve news and listings in the realm of arts
  • Bring to light the richness of classical and folk art forms
  • Showcase artistes, and their ideas, creative thoughts, works and contributions
  • Initiate critical discourse and intellectual discussions on the past, present and future of the art forms
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange on the theory and practice of the art forms
    Provide information and access to resources useful to the art community

Amith Nag
Deepika Rajagopalan
G V Anna Rao
Harshita Mruthinti Kamath
Khadri S Achyuthan
Lalitha Ravichandran
Padmashri Geeta Chandran
Pratap Antony
Priya Raman
K.S.S Raghavan
Samana Gururaja
Samata Agrawal
Santosh Srinivas
Shobha Subramanian
Smita Khadri
Subramaniam Iyer
Sumita Mitra
Sunil Nair
Veena Basavarajaiah